Esperantist Conspiracy

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"Ŝatu amikon laŭ la dato de akiro"

~ Zamenhof

"Fill your kitchen with esperantist kitchen accessories and gifts or customize your own kitchen ... New Jersey Esperantist Stein. $22 ... Esperanto Conspiracy Stein"

~ Anonco pri Esperantist conspiracy

"Ok Nun i estas paroli en mia regula lingvo! Multe multe pli amuza ol tiu stulta english! "

~ Nazio pri secreta lingvo
It is clearly translated by a non-native speaker of English

The Esperantist (or esperantistic) Conspiracy is part of Jew Conspiracy. The Hydra of international Esperantism! Esperanto is an example of a language that could be used by an international Jewish conspiracy once they achieved world domination. It is rather evident given the ultra-Zionist views of Zamenhof and the time his activity began. (He did probably feel kicked in the balls when the Hebrew in its original sacred script was selected as a language of the soon-to-be Hebrew Empire.)

Esperanto is disaster because it stopped being a language for international communications and became a sect and a refuge for weirdos and pederasts. One can oppose, 'these freaks are not representatives of all Esperantists', but if it were truth, wouldn't the Esperantist community condemn such actions unanimously?

Esperanto is just a pretext for sectarian ideology. Languages should not have 'movements'. If there is a movement, there surely are scammers or sectarians. All Esperantists were essentially enemies of the state, serving through their language Jewish-internationalist aims

The language should serve a practical purpose by being a medium of social activities and relationships. Obviously, only native language of a person can fulfill that role. Artificial languages like Esperanto can only parasitize on such living languages. Obviously such position is unsustainable.

What would be a life of the person in a foreign country with strange language? Would a wife be a slave to her husband, washing his underpants and making borscht? Would a husband be in a humiliating situation of a gigolo? No work, no social guaranties, no education, no entertainment, what would a person do with their Esperanto? A useful application of a surrogate language created specifically for servant and slaves.

Forced membershipping[redakti]


Aren't you wondering why 2 Milion Esperantists keep quiet and only two sink so deep that they think intelligent people discuss a problem by calling each other names? Do you really have to prove the inferiority of Esperanto by demonstrating how feeble minded its proponents are ? I publish only facts and you have absolutely nothing to answer. Because I can quote books where these stories are told. I give you a for instance: Samenhof was writing himself every new member of Esperanto in a book and this book was published for the fist years always at yearend. Already then the first fraud started. He had as many cancelations as he had new applications. But till today membes who left Esperanto have never been scrached from the memershiplist.

Whay no Ido?[redakti]

Okay so I'll keep this short and as to the point as I can. Why learn esperanto and not Ido? Is there some inherent flaw in Ido or did it just simply not catch on? Did it fail to bring anything new to the table, or did it fail to actually fix what people perceived as flaws in esperanto as it set out to do? Ido's failure was arguably more political than linguistic!


Ano de Konstanta Kongresa Komitato

So, Esperanto is Eurocentric. Those "natural" features in European languages are in Esperanto. Those natural features in non-European languages (including the DUAL number) are not in Espreanto. And you still say that Esperanto is "NEUTRAL"? That's nonsense!


Regarding Esperanto, the easy to learn language fabricated by LL Zamenhof in Poland, meant to be the international language, I have decided this language is a religion. Zamenhof also fabricated a humanist religion called Homaranismo.

Esperanto also has strong connections to the non-atheist Bahá'í Faith. I originally backed this language and studied it heavily, but the more interaction with other esperantists and understanding of it led me to believe it is inseparable from religion. I have left the American Green Party for the same reasons, that it in it's ten key values you find a clause that is inseparable from religion and alienates the atheist.

I also add that american protestants in the deep south like Oklahoma have been learning this language perhaps for reasons related to missionary work.

I want to say that it would be very hard to speak Esperanto and not "respect" Christians. That is my real problem, is that I dont acknowledge Christianity as being any different than a style of shoes someone is wearing, like those bastards who wanted to join the comet wearing running shoes. Hale Bopp it was called? The real issue then, is that if you cant be free from Christians in order to be part of a movement, then its basically like a religion.

I also have the issue of Christians knowing instinctively that I am opposed to their religion and making trouble for me. I have been violently opposed to Christianity from a young age.

An artifical language should not be a means of communication but a rite of a religious tradition. In order to make a successful language you have to found an ideology that has rites. The language is a sole element of the rituals: when you speak or listen the Language you can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. There is no actual need to speak the Language, if there were no Holy Spirit. If somebody wants to say something that everybody understands he uses English as I do here. But when you want to speak to the Holy Spirit you speak the Language. It does not matter weather the Language is complicated, ugly, stupid-looking and almost impossible to write with Latin-1 alphabets, it is the Language of the Holy and not to be critisized. To say or even think that the Language could be changed or improved is blasphemy. The Holy language is complete and whole. Even the inefficencies, complexities, shortcomings and things that look stupid to an outsider, serve a hidden purpose: fight to the enlightment of one's soul. All the other artificial languages are from Satan.

Louis de Beaufront is Lucifer, a fallen angel, who started the mutiny against the God, L.Zamenhof. So he and his Ido must be definitely banned, again and again. All the so-called improve- ments by de Beaufront must be denied and nullified, absolutely.

This obviously is the truth. Why would anyone bother to study a language that no one speaks as his mother tongue and which is not an official language anyhere if there were no inner sacred meaning in it? If you want to say something to people, you say it in English, but if you want to speak to your own Homaranistic soul, you speak Esperanto. Halleluyah !



Esperantists, like all fanatics, lack the ability to admit that this fraud with the big clubs of Europe was a terrible mistake and that they regret it. There is not one (of maybe 2 million) who has so much character to do so. That is the reason why they have nothing to do with languages today. Esperanto has become a social club, where people meet and feel great to sing and dance. If only they would get some education and learn how civilized people behave.

Esperantists are similar to the Ku-Klux-Klan, but without the strange hats. They live completely retracted from the real world, dreaming since 125 years of a victory and are too stupid to see that the world is speaking English and doesn't give a damn about Esperano. Show me one country where at least 1 % is speaking Esperanto ? There is none ! We have 80 million inhabitants in Germany. One percent that would be 800.000 people. But there are less than 800 speakers of Esperanto in Germany. And this has been unchanged since 1887 ! In the contrary: Because of old age the numbers are constantly declining. And one more thing: Originally the first members of Esperanto did not come "volontairly" as one wold expect today, but Espeanto has taken over all existing local grops of Volapük. Otherwise no-one would know today what Eperanto is.

Yes, the trade mark of the true Esperantists! Talk about your opponent in a language you are sure he doesn't understand. I guess the term "rude behaviour" does not exist in Esperanto.


According to The Bumpkinville Times 2013-09-16, Professor Banana, esteemed linguist at the University of Bumpkinville, has uncovered a massive conspiracy to ask various governments for subsidies.

The suspects, all members of a shadowy transnational cult called Esperanto, have been asking for financial resources in order to teach a pseudo-language to unsuspecting members of the public, even school children!

Police efforts to protect the public have been hindered by the fact that no laws were actually broken. However, as a public service, Professor Banana has written a guide on how to identify Esperantists.

Esperantists cannot be identified by physical appearance - they look and sound like ordinary people. But don't be deceived! They all speak a pseudo-language called Esperanto, which was invented by a Jewish ophthalmologist named Zamenhof, who was a Jew.

Esperantists often congregate in meetings called 'kunvenoy', which they brazenly advertise on the Internet, in newspapers, and on community center bulletin boards.

Esperantists sometimes travel to participate in international conferences. Activities at such events may include singing, dancing, and not speaking in English.

Esperantists are everywhere. Someone you know may be an Esperantist! Protect yourself and your family from their insidious machinations!

Alien Complot in Scandinavia[redakti]


The National UK Exopolitics and UFO Disclosure conference is now an annual event. So is the World Congress of Esperanto, which drew more than a thousand enthusiasts of the invented "international" language to Copenhagen 2011.

Such goings-on no longer fill me with scorn: the appeal of a parallel universe has never been greater. The massacre in Norway, the doomed economy and the Tottenham riots have made for bleak reading this summer. I'd still be sceptical about extraterrestrials drawing crop circles, and I'm not ready to bark, "Beam me up, Scotty".

When fears about immigration breed xenophobia even in Scandinavia, the upbeat internationalism of Esperanto fans seems singular. When English gets routinely mauled (what, pray, is an "assertive outreach programme"?) even Klingon, the fictional language spoken by the baddies in Star Trek, sounds attractive – or at least free of clunky officialese.

Websites dedicated to UFOs, Esperanto and Klingon claim to attract millions of fans, offering such delights as Esperanto Scrabble and Klingon tutorials.

William Shatner[redakti]

Just when you think history is weird, it gets weirder. You may be as shocked as I was to discover what our beloved Canadian actor William Shatner was doing before he landed the role of the courageous Captain Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise on the original 60s show Star Trek. Would you believe... a film spoken entirely in the artificial language of Esperanto?


Chionvida okulo.gif

At some point in this or a related thread a claim was made that Esperanto does have poetry, literature, etc. A question I have is this. Who are the Shakespears, Tolstoys, Cervanteses, and so on, of that language? And furthemore, are there any, and can there be any?

This is not to say this is a requirement for it to be an exchange language for Europe, but even on that opinions can vary.


How I understand, Raumism is some kind of personal strict defense position(*) to avoid automatically to get pocket by peer pressure of traditional political Esperanto organisations and their propageted World domination Internationalism. Someones interested in study and use of Esperanto language like hobby only, those ones have the personal right to do so. They remain part of process to keep alive Esperanto language community i.e. with their participation at E-o events, online forum etc. Political E-o activists who disregard that very personal decision, that ones more hinder to spread Esperanto than to promote Esperanto language.

And incidentally, the more we hysterically insist over one side or another, regardless of what side that is, it looks bad to beginners and puts people off from learning.

(*) 'Divided, we are most suitable united'

Resistence to insanity[redakti]

The pragmatic solution to communication barriers is to pick the language everyone else speaks regardless of its shortcomings; the idealistic solution is to pick one on the basis of its technical merits.

Every Esperanist who uses the word "artificial" should choke to death. There is no language in the world (if we want to call Esperanto so, I prefer to call it a social club that promotes singing, dancing and eating) that is so artificial like Esperanto. Every word has been cannibalized, mutilated, raped and disfigured to follow the perverted rules of Esperanto. Instead of waving one line in their "feeble minded brain", and that is: "There are no exceptions in Esperanto". This rule has no value in real life. Only in the dreamworld of Esperanto, that takes place in outer Space. Every person that has lost touch with reality, is called insane by a psychiatrist. This is by no means an insult, it is purely the professinal sentence of a doctor. But from now on we should be talking of patients, if we talk about Espeantists, because of their fanatic behavior. I couldpick up every word above, but let's start with taxi: 7 billion people understand this word. But in Esperanto it does not exist. It must get an "o" at the end, so that every moron knows that it is a noun. The 7 billion inhabitants of this earth don't give a damn hat it is a noun, they call a taxi and use it to drive from A to B. 20 years ago, a taxi was still considered a tool, and it stood as "taxilo" in the dictionary! The same was true about the hospital. That was neither a kliniko nor a hospitalo, no it was a mal-sanu-lejo. Mal means "baad", sanu means "health" and lejo comes from Latin "locus" = Ort. And caiuse of his perverted form of fioddelong artificial words together that no human being eve undestood, Espweanto had naver any bit of success oin 125 years.

End note[redakti]

I just wrote an answer of about three pages, and the Esperantists killed it. So now they are also criminals !